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  • Treasury Management System (TMS) Selection 

  • Client Success (CX) Technology Selection

  • Advisory for Treasury Transformation

Your Trusted Guide for SaaS Success

About SaaS-Y

As a treasury, finance, or client success leader, you understand the importance of automating your workflows with the right SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) tool. At the same time, even extensive selection processes can lead to sub-par choices that don’t meet your needs nor expectations... and don't add value. I’ve seen this situation play out time and time again, even among leaders who aren't new to technology. 

That’s why I founded SaaS-Y Business Consulting.

​Since 1995, my career has included both the buyer and the seller sides of the SaaS space. This included working in corporate cash management as a practitioner as well as delivering and managing sales, demonstrations, implementations, and customer success for thousands of companies considering Treasury Management System (TMS) technology. I know how to make the process of selecting systems a Win/Win for you and the vendor ensuring a productive partnership that leads to great results.

What does that mean for your business?

What I’ve learned along the way is that outdated selection methods can lead to disjointed lengthy processes, misaligned values with vendors, unmet expectations and locked-in subscriptions providing little or no value. Conversely, I’ve also seen how much of a positive impact SaaS solutions (the best ones given your requirements) can make in terms of scalability, growth, and profitability for small and mid-market businesses and large enterprises alike.

So how can SaaS-Y help you?

Through SaaS-Y, I’ve developed a proven selection process to help you choose the ideal tools for your unique business. Together, we can turn your transformation and growth aspirations into action. 

As your dedicated selection consultant, I help accelerate your path to the best possible tools. From education to implementation, my approach, ERR NOT, covers every step along the way. SaaS-Y will guide you through a custom-tailored plan and process to quickly get to a quality solution and outstanding results. 

If you already have a system and aren't getting value from it (regardless of whether it was implemented last month, five years ago, or somewhere in between), SaaS-Y can help. I can help you get more from what you already have; You rarely need a new system! Instead, I work with you to reconfigure the system, train your team, and create needed documentation. So regardless of the product, I can help. Let's talk today!!

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Here’s my proven ‘ERR NOT™’ process for selecting SaaS technology: 

Education - helping you understand your product/vendor options and the full scope of possibilities

Requirements - establishing your “must-have” and “nice-to-have” features

RFIs/RFPs -  building a vendor/product shortlist based on your requirements

uNique - customizing a demo script focused on your high-priority requirements

Obvious winner - taking an unbiased approach to narrow the field to one obvious winner

Transformation - navigating a smooth implementation process with your chosen vendor/product

My unique, relationship-driven approach to SaaS selection guides you to the optimal tools to future-proof your company’s success. 


Co Workers

Our Advisory Services

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Treasury Management System Selection

By embracing my ERR NOT process, I guide you toward a TMS that meets your needs based on your requirements. That means global cash visibility, automated effective cash management, and greater insight into opportunities across all of your banks and business units.

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Treasury Transformation 

After reviewing your existing treasury (or pre-treasury) processes, tools, controls, and more, I serve as your strategic partner to identify opportunities for improvement with actionable recommendations for new processes and technology. TMS Treasury Advisory Consulting Consultant Kyriba GTreasury R

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Customer Success (CX) Technology Selection

I guide you toward the best-suited SaaS tools for smoother client onboarding, managed customer journeys, increased NRR, CSAT, ACV, and much more. That’s all while following my ERR NOT process to ensure your expectations are ultimately realized. Reval Integrity Treasura FIS ION

Testimonials from Our Clients

What’s Being Said

Tracey's great! She crafted a customized plan for our software selection process. First, she identified what our needs were based on our pain points and needed areas of improvement within the organization. Then, she presented a unique set of questions in our search of tools which she fielded with the prospective vendors to ultimately find which would be the best tool to add to our tech stack. The entire team really enjoyed working with her and appreciated her level of thoroughness. 

A.L.  May, 2023

Tracey guided us through an education process to learn what was possible first with the various vendors in the marketplace.  We definitely weren't thinking "big" enough at first.  Then she helped us figure out our highest priority requirements so that we remained focused on what we really needed, not just what looked good.  By the time we finished the final demo, we knew which product we needed to subscribe to.

K.T.  March, 2023

Reserved for a future client!!!

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