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Tracey Ferguson Knight - Principal Consultant SaaS-Y

Tracey Ferguson Knight
Principal Consultant

Principal Consultant

With over 28 years of FinTech experience, she has worked with thousands of companies considering, selecting, and implementing technology to transform their treasury and finance departments. Experienced as both a practitioner and a vendor, she brings a unique combination of knowledge and skills to truly understand a company’s current state, guide them through the buying cycle from education to demo to negotiation, and ensure requirements are met during the implementation. 


As VP of Client Success, she had multiple opportunities to be a buyer of technology instead of a seller.  From that vantage point, the difficulties of selecting a solution that meets requirements came clearly into focus.  She was able to see how her team - helping to evaluate vendors/products - developed a strong bias toward an outstanding salesperson, even when they were selling an inferior product. Her ERR NOT™ methodology is designed to overcome the natural biases that make it difficult for people to make completely objective decisions based on their most important needs.

Anytime a buyer is expecting to subscribe to a product where there will be multiple users often across several departments and must to talk to a salesperson to get a demo and pricing, (regardless of whether it is for Treasury, Client Success, or something else),  Tracey can help ensure that the expectation and vision of the buyer align with the product to which they ultimately subscribe.

She has a BS in Economics from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and is a popular and frequent speaker on webinars and at local, regional, and national Association of Financial Professional (AFP) events.

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