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Business Colleagues

CFO?  Treasurer?

Do you have treasury projects that you know need to be done, but perhaps  just don't have the time or staff to do? 

SaaS-Y can help.  We are able to tackle small low-hanging fruit for quick wins or larger projects that make significant changes to your organization.

Examples of projects:

  • Re-configuring your existing TMS

  • Rationalizing banks/bank accounts

  • Gaining global cash visibility

  • Establishing an in-house bank

  • Automating cash accounting

  • Automating cash application

  • Creating or improving a true cash forecast

  • Establishing basic treasury functions for "pre-treasury" finance departments

  • Reviewing current treasury operations for areas of improvement

  • Selecting a treasury management system

  • Managing a treasury management system implementation

  • Reviewing controls for efficacy

  • And many more.....

Schedule a free consultation HERE to discuss how we can help you transform your treasury operations.  Don't put it off another day!

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